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Ryan Schurman: um, u should be able to still send lines thru the gm client. but upload new league file first thru the new website... which is about to be listed Aug 10, 2018 15:03:57 GMT -7
Ryan Schurman: League index link has been changed. We are now officially switched over. Use forum for all types of news/communication. Aug 10, 2018 15:04:39 GMT -7
Ryan Schurman: Main site URL listings for all 3 Leagues. Aug 10, 2018 15:26:28 GMT -7
Ryan Schurman: We are gonna have an Active Farm this season. This way the Website will show Farm rosters. Also easier to do without the portal now. Updating Site will be quicker I think too for me to do. Aug 10, 2018 16:51:55 GMT -7
Ryan Schurman: Hows everyone summer so far. They seem to slways be busy and fly by. I know it will be quiet around here now that free agency is done. I leave for holidays in a week. So bare with everything has there may not be alot of action till after labour day. Aug 13, 2018 20:09:16 GMT -7
goldenknights: Golden Knights are interested in a starting goalie. Will entertain any reasonable offer. Aug 16, 2018 9:23:07 GMT -7
Ryan Schurman: I am sending out email invitations for everyone to sign up for SLACK. It seems very easy to use. Can use as an APP on phone or on computer. Lets you PM everyone indivually, or just a general chat for talk/trade blocks or whatever u wish. Lets try it out. I Sept 1, 2018 9:58:46 GMT -7
Ryan Schurman: If all goes good we will hold trade chats and entry draft there too. Sept 1, 2018 9:59:19 GMT -7
Ryan Schurman: Everyone sign up for Slack and get the program off the internet. I sent out emails. Would like everyone to get it, as it works really awesome and will keep our activity up with the way the Chat works in the program. Its a better chat then the portal had Sept 8, 2018 8:11:28 GMT -7
Ryan Schurman: Easy to use, any questions ask me. Sept 8, 2018 8:11:36 GMT -7
Ryan Schurman: Pre Season has Started! Sept 17, 2018 8:01:25 GMT -7
Ryan Schurman: Lets get everyone on SLACK! Google and download the app or program to computer. Tuturial once u install. Any troubles let me know. The URL to add to the Workplace is: Sept 18, 2018 7:51:06 GMT -7
JETSGM: Jets still shopping for a forward 70 range Sept 28, 2018 5:54:39 GMT -7
CapitalsGM: Sent you a message Sept 28, 2018 8:18:49 GMT -7
CapitalsGM: If anyone offers an elite goalie prospect, Ben Bishop (77ov) could be made available Oct 3, 2018 11:36:28 GMT -7
devilsgm: Holy Jim Dorey, Batman! Ryan Reaves racks up 44 minutes in penalties against the Devils. Of course when Reaves instigates a fight against "Bruiser" Brandon Tanev, he risks being labeled as a pussy. Hey Reaves--you're a pussy! Nov 3, 2018 10:52:16 GMT -7
Predators GM: Hey Dan (Isles) made you an offer Nov 5, 2018 13:52:01 GMT -7
CapitalsGM: That game by Ryan Reaves breaks the CRHL PIM for single game. Nov 9, 2018 9:55:38 GMT -7
leafsgm: josh Anderson , david savard , ty ratie , damon severson are avail in TO Feb 15, 2019 20:27:44 GMT -7
phillygm: Flyers are looking for a 4th line center Feb 20, 2019 7:17:45 GMT -7